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Elizabeth O'Hare

Called Called in 1980



About Elizabeth O'Hare

Elizabeth has extensive experience in representing a wide range of clients in substantial and complex disputes.  She acts for insurers, their insured, defence bodies and/or major institutions.  Not withstanding this, she also acts for Claimants, whether as individuals or involved in class actions. She also represents individuals, companies, statutory bodies and professionals at inquests and in health and safety prosecutions.

Elizabeth acted on behalf of the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire in the Bradford Fire enquiry, participated in the class actions involving the prescribing of benzodiazepine as well as steroid medication. She has acted in cases involving public law, most particularly in connection with the consequences of failing associated with the negligent provision of IVF treatment.  Elizabeth also has had experience of acting in product liability cases involving clinical negligence issues. 

Her work concentrates on clinical negligence and personal injury.  

Elizabeth is well know to be a robust and straightforward litigator.  As a consequence both Claimants and Defendants instruct her.  

Personal Details

Education: LLB (Hons), Leeds University
Professional Associations: Personal Injury Bar Association (PIBA) Association for Victims of Medical Accidents (AVMA) Professional Negligence Bar Association (PNBA).

Specialist Practice Areas

Recently Concluded Cases

B v Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital Trust (2012)

Failure to report accurately cervical smear test and therefore missed an opportunity to diagnose and treat a young mother.  Claim settled on behalf of Estate and Dependents.

L v Dr A and Dr G (2012)

GP negligence relating to missed opportunity to refer a patient to hospital after repeated attendances for severe headaches.  Opportunity lost to diagnose and treat glaucoma.  Claim settled on the basis that had a referral been made the partial loss of one eye would not have happened.

W v Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (2012)

Catastrophic brain injury caused during childbirth.  Within 48 hours infant lost his life.  Both parents brought claims for inter alia nervous shock.  Matter contested but ultimately settled.

H v St Lukes Hospital (2012)

Two children underwent surgery to minimise the impact of their prominent ears. Both children developed infections. Case settled on the basis that the infections were not treated appropriately.  

Inquest in the case of Mathew Pickering  (2012) 

 Instructed by the RCN to represent the interests of a community psychiatric nurse responsible for carrying out an assessment of an acutely mentally ill patient who later went on to take his life.  The nurse was anxious about being open to professional criticism by the coroner.  After three days the coroner recognised that the nurse had done her best in difficult circumstances.  

S v Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust (2013-15)

Claimant consent to undergo bilateral labia reduction.  Such was undertaken in a negligent manner amounting in effect to amputation of the labia.  This was a matter that was contested right up until the outcome of the joint expert meeting and subsequently settled.

HC v William Finley (2013-15)

Damages sought by Claimant after sexual assault.  Defendant sought to dissipate assets necessitating injunctive relief being sought.  Multiple hearing and appeals in relation to the substantive matter as well as enforcement of the injunction.  All damages and costs recovered from the assets held.   

M v Dr Wright and Dr Thompson (2013-15)

Claimant had long standing intermittent anxiety condition.  Put on benzodiazepine medication long term.  Dependency issues and aggravation of underlying condition.  Prolonged litigation involving all issues.  Settled after joint experts meeting.

M v Dr A (2013-2015)

Failure of GP to carry out appropriate examination of infant who had an underlying hip abnormality.  This was despite knowing of a sibling who had already been diagnosed with a similar condition.  As a result of the failing to examine adequately and in the light of the parental concerns relating to the sibling an opportunity was missed to refer the infant child to undergo a ultrasound examination.  Had such taken place the treatment would have been more prompt and effective. Breach of duty has been admitted.  Settlement is still ongoing with an issue still outstanding relating to provisional damages. 

M v Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital Trust (2013-2015)

Claimant suffered an injury whilst being treated as a patient.  There was a failure to diagnose and treat a fracture in the Claimant’s spine.  Breach of duty has been admitted on limited issues.  

DG v Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospital Trust (2014-2015)

Failure to diagnose and treat a patient who attended A & E with a fracture dislocation of the right mandibular condyle. Breach of duty admitted but matter contested on causation.

F v X Hospital Trust (2014-2015)

Destruction of viable embryo during the course IVF treatment by a patient.

R v X Hospital Trust (2015)

Inquest relating to failings on the part of clinical staff to recognise a deterioration in a patient who had recently undergone surgery.  

Reported Cases

Laycock v Lago (1997) PI

Marshall v Lincolnshire Road Car (CA) 7th December 2000

X v Leeds Hospital Trust (2002)

Bright v Barnsley District Hospital Trust (2005) Lloyds Report Med

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