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Success at CICA Appeal

09 March 2018

Parklane Plowden barrister – Hylton Armstrong – recently achieved a total award of £1,004,520 in a re-opened Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeal on behalf of a man who was violently assaulted in Headingley in 2002.

The victim, who was in his 30’s at the time of the assault, was waiting at a bus stop when he was attacked by a group of men who wanted to steal his mobile phone. During the course of the attack the men hit, kicked, and stamped on the victim causing serious soft tissue, neurological, and psychological injuries.

The victim’s claim for criminal injuries compensation under the CICA’s 2001 scheme was originally determined in 2009 for around £18,000, but was subsequently re-opened in 2011 when the victim’s symptoms failed to improve and his condition deteriorated.

With the assistance of evidence from experts in general practice, pain management, urology, psychology, and care – the tribunal accepted the victim was likely to suffer from serious and permanent symptoms, and made an award of £1,004,520.

Under the 2001 scheme the actual payment is capped at £500,000, but it’s noteworthy that the award included a figure of about £840,000 for the costs of a live-in carer; based on an annual multiplicand approaching £50,000.

Hylton was instructed by Dominic Nurse from Henry Hymans Solicitors in Leeds.

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