Legal Update
6 March 2019

No foreseeable risk of upper limb injury from work with horses.

The Claimant sought to recover substantial damages as a result of developing lateral epicondylitis. She claimed this was directly the result of her arduous and intensive work grooming and managing a stable of horses at the Harrogate Riding & Language Centre. 

After a close examination of the facts and an investigation of industry practices, Michael successfully persuaded the Court that the tasks did not expose the Claimant to a foreseeable risk of injury. The Claimant also failed to convince the Court that causation was established.  

The case follows on from a number of similar successful results for Michael where he has effectively deployed key epidemiological studies relating to WRULD in defence of claims regarding a variety of upper limb conditions. 

Michael was instructed by Patrick McBrien of DWF Solicitors.  

Michael is currently offering a bespoke seminar regarding the link between CTS and keyboard work.  

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