Lewis Donnelly

Called 2008

He has the ability to be so personal but also be so decisive and amazing in court.

Chambers & Partners 2022


Lewis has specialised almost exclusively in public law children work throughout his career, gaining consistent recognition for his work in both Chambers and Partners and Legal 500. He has represented parents and children in some of the most serious and difficult sets of circumstances to come before the Family Court, both with Leading Counsel and alone. He has successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal. He prides himself on his approachability and ensuring that his client is fully engaged in the process.

Areas of Expertise


In the public law field, Lewis has experience of cases involving fatalities, serious injures, fabricated illness, sexual abuse and radicalisation. He has an interest in the medical/expert evidence that relates to such cases and has worked alongside Leading Counsel and in some instances, alone and against Leading Counsel.  Whilst accepting local authority instructions, he is best known for his representation of parents, children and wider family members.

Lewis accepts instructions in private law cases where a guardian has been appointed under rule 16.4 and/or in circumstances where there are significant factual issues that impact upon the welfare of children.

An excellent family barrister. He is a staunch tactician who argues his client's case with confidence.Legal 500 2022 - Tier 2 Child Law (Public & Private)

"He has that perfect mix of great advocacy skills and an eye for detail while having a set of people skills." "He is a star in the making." "He has the ability to be so personal but also be so decisive and amazing in court." Chambers & Partners 2022 Band 2 (Family - Children)

"His advice is always excellent and on point." "He is a friendly but no-nonsense barrister who is very effective in court." Chambers and Partners (2021)

Lewis is really bright, hard-working, charming to deal with and tenacious in putting his client's case. Legal 500 (2021)

"He has a lovely way with the client. He gives unpleasant news and advice while keeping the client with him, making sure not to sugarcoat it but guiding them through it." "Versatile and hard-working.” Chambers and Partners (2020)

“Complex care work is his key area of focus” Legal 500 (2020)

He has excellent advocacy skills and fights hard for his client. He has a strong moral compass and very good client care." "Confident presentation in court.” Chambers and Partners (2019)

“A specialist in public law children cases” Legal 500 (2019)

"An excellent advocate who fights for his clients.” "He is always very smooth in his advocacy.” Chambers and Partners (2018)

"His attention to detail and knowledge of the law is second to none.” Chambers and Partners (2017)

“He excels in complex and difficult cases.” Legal 500 (2017)

"He has good all-round skills and is always willing to go the extra mile.” Chambers and Partners (2016)

“Experienced in difficult public law care proceedings.” Legal 500 (2016)

"He is a passionate advocate. The skills and experience that he possesses at his age are phenomenal. He is well beyond his years.” Chambers and Partners (2015)

“A very competent member of the Junior Bar – advocacy is a strength of his.’’ Legal 500 (2015)

"He is very much up-and-coming. He is well prepared and popular with solicitors; he will go a long way.” Chambers and Partners (2014)

“Tenacious and insightful” Legal 500 (2014)

Family Law Bar Association North Eastern Circuit

Re T (Early Permanence Placement) [2015] EWCA Civ 983

LLB (Hons) The University of Sheffield