5 January 2009

Administrative Court Leeds and Northern Administrative Law Association

Parklane Plowden Chambers is delighted to welcome the Administrative Court in Leeds, which will reinforce Leeds position as one of the Key UK Legal centres outside of London. The Administrative Court is one of the four new regional courts, the others being Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester, the Court will handle many types of disputes including matters arising between government and local authorities, and nationality and immigration matters. Parklane Plowden through David Wilby QC have been actively invloved in securing the Administrative Court for Leeds.

Leeds and Manchester will be headed up by Mr Justice Langstaff who will sit with four other local judges, either in Leeds, Sheffield or Newcastle as required.

A new body, the Northern Administrative Law Association (NALA), has been set up to provide training and guidance for lawyers dealing with the court, set to hear its first case in April 2009. As David Wilby QC, vice-chairman of NALA said in the "Yorkshire Lawyer", "It goes without saying it is important for lawyers in Yorkshire and the North East to prepare themselves for the commencement of the Administrative Court in April and in particular to start preparing their cases for issue in Leeds. A launch reception was held at Leeds Civic Hall chaired by David and attended by Mr Justice Langstaff; Mr Justice Wilkie; David Barraclough the Leeds Law Society president amongst many lawyers, judges and barristers from around the region.

Chambers has a dedicated team with extensive experience in most fields of Administrative Court Litigation able to provide training, advise and appear within this new Court. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact our clerks or e-mail for further information via nala@parklaneplowden.co.uk

Leeds Administrative Court Launch Reception - Northern Administrative Law Association (NALA)

David Wilby QC , vice-chairman NALA; David Barraclough, Mr Justice Langstaff; Stuart Turnock, past president of Leeds Law Society; James Haddlet, chairmain of Leeds Law Society litigation committee; president of Leeds Law Society; Mr Justice Wilkie.