Chambers’ structure comprises of an Executive Board (responsible for driving growth) and a Plowden Facilities Board (responsible for internal operations). The structure of Chambers is unique and was motivated by a need to ensure that Chambers is positioned to deliver a legal service that is efficient and responsive to the changing legal landscape.

This innovative approach to the structure of a Chambers is the first of its kind and represents Chambers’ commitment towards its long-term growth plans and enhanced client-solicitor experience.

Executive Board

The Executive Board’s role is to oversee and drive delivery on all aspects of Chambers growth strategy. The committee comprises Members of Chambers, as well as several external Consultants who are well recognised within their fields of expertise.

Facilities Board

Chambers has a separate Plowden Facilities Board charged with managing the internal systems associated with running barristers’ chambers, including finance, building management and HR.

The Plowden Facilities Board is made up of barristers, staff and external consultants, whose role it is to oversee all of Chambers internal operations and to ensure the efficient delivery of legal services.

Executive Board

Facilities Board (Plowden Facilities Ltd)