6 January 2021

Elizabeth Hodgson and John Jackson elected as Deputy Heads of Chambers

After acting as Deputy Head of Chambers for the past 4 years, James Murphy was recently elected to Head of Chambers. Consequently, previous Executive Committee Member, Elizabeth Hodgson, and Plowden Facilities Director, John Jackson, have been elected as the new Deputy Heads of Chambers.

Speaking on their respective appointments, John said:

“I have been a member of Chambers for 14 years and I am proud of its growth in that time. I am also aware of how Chambers has supported me since I joined and the importance of how we are perceived not just in our base cities of Leeds and Newcastle but throughout the whole of North Eastern Circuit.

In this role, I hope to continue promoting PLP and extend my current contributions to Chambers as a barrister, pupil supervisor and director of Plowden Facilities.

I am confident that with James Murphy as Head of Chambers, Liz and I as Deputies and the new members of our management boards we will continue the strong work of our predecessors and continue to build on the reputation of PLP over the coming years.“

Liz commented:

“Having been a member of Chambers’ Executive Committee since its inception in 2015, I am delighted to be joining John as Deputy Head of Chambers. Chambers has gone from strength to strength in recent years: that is a result of sound management and, most importantly, the provision by both members and staff of an outstanding service to our clients.

Our aim is to maintain this positive trend, supporting our specialist teams in the continued provision of an outstanding quality of service, thereby further securing PLP’s position as a leading Chambers the North East and well-beyond.”