6 April 2021

Stephen Friday represents claimant with incomplete tetraplegia in £2.1 million plus PPO settlement

The 47 year old claimant was rendered an incomplete (C4 ASIA D) tetraplegic following a negligent delay in the diagnosis of cervical discitis in hospital; she also faced the complication of bowel ischaemia and resection leaving her with short bowel syndrome and in need of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) 3 times a week.  Her life expectancy was potentially shortened significantly over and above the effect of her SCI by smoking, high BMI, TPN and previous intravenous drug use. Most unusually, the claimant was presently in receipt of state funded care substantially in excess of her care and case management needs as assessed by litigation care experts, and which she was keen to continue with and so a ‘Peters’ undertaking was not appropriate. Stephen was instructed by Charlotte Keelty of SJP Law in Hull.