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Parklane Plowden Podcast – Examining the Intermediate Track and Fixed Recoverable Costs: The proposed October 2023 reforms 

<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Listen to Parklane Plowden’s latest podcast: Examining the Intermediate Track and Fixed Recoverable Costs: The proposed October 2023 reforms with Carter Burnett. </p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>The Head of Parklane Plowden’s Civil team, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence barrister<a> Stuart Jamieson, </a>is joined by Solicitor Advocate <a href="https://www.carterburnett.co.uk/our-team/seamus-kelly/">Seamus Kelly </a>and Senior Costs Draftsperson <a href="https://www.carterburnett.co.uk/our-team/sean-linley/">Sean Linley</a>, both from specialist costs law firm Carter Burnett, to discuss the impact of the upcoming Fixed Recoverable Costs reforms, the introduction of the Intermediate Track and the wide-ranging consequences for recoverable costs, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Together, they explore the potential impact on costs, future cases and likely arguments over Intermediate Track allocation and complexity banding.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>They do this from the perspective of Claimants, Defendants and the judiciary, prior to the proposed new rules, a major extension of the Jackson reforms, coming into force in October 2023.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Listen to the podcast below:</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Helpful resources and further reading:</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:list {"ordered":true,"type":"1"} --> <ol type="1"><!-- wp:list-item --> <li><a href="https://www.parklaneplowden.co.uk/app/uploads/2023/08/Fixed-Costs-Handout.pdf">Carter Burnett handout on fixed costs</a></li> <!-- /wp:list-item --> <!-- wp:list-item --> <li><a href="https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.carterburnett.co.uk_costs-2Dupdates_costs-2Dof-2Dpre-2Dinquest-2Dreview-2Drecoverable_&amp;d=DwQGaQ&amp;c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&amp;r=M04HBw_40tqbniZivwTGvD9APktXdYsqcSsRbuLuKtYAai5zD0K-gH8cFMpq5kBu&amp;m=i0Izmj2Cp4vYTL6VcGSObaF6LoDthm9KLJ22p0RozQQ&amp;s=Y-pBreNT7holimabkDaz_x2uAOqVzlg8-K4orv2adAE&amp;e=">Carter Burnett blog exploring inquests costs</a></li> <!-- /wp:list-item --> <!-- wp:list-item --> <li><a href="https://www.carterburnett.co.uk/costs-updates/extension-of-fixed-costs-explained/">Carter Burnett blog explaining the extension of Fixed Recoverable Costs</a></li> <!-- /wp:list-item --> <!-- wp:list-item --> <li><a href="https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2023/572/contents/made">The current rules on Fixed Recoverable Costs</a></li> <!-- /wp:list-item --> <!-- wp:list-item --> <li><a href="https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/civil-procedure-rules-committee/about#implementation-of-the-extended-fixed-recoverable-costs-frc-regime-october-2023">The draft reforms for Fixed Recoverable Costs</a></li> <!-- /wp:list-item --></ol> <!-- /wp:list -->