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Barristers' Direct Access - Following key changes in the law in 2004, members of the general public and businesses seeking legal advice or representation of any kind can now approach a Barrister directly, without the need to first engage the services of a solicitor.

Parklane Plowden are delighted that we are now able to offer our services, in appropriate cases, directly to the public and businesses.

This has a number of advantages to the client. Firstly, the client will meet his barrister at an early stage and work together with him to take the important decisions relating to strategy and tactics that may influence how a case will finally be determined. Secondly, the client will receive advice directly from the barrister regarding the nature and seriousness of any allegation being made together with the strength of the evidence in the case. Important decisions, which may have far-reaching consequences, can be taken together including, for instance, how to approach any interview or questioning by a regulatory body.

The client has the added benefit of knowing from the outset who his barrister will be and that the barrister will conduct all correspondence, engage in negotiations and prepare appropriate documents. This early involvement of counsel can bring enormous benefits to the client, both as to the strategy deployed when reacting to any investigation or prosecution and to the final result.

Furthermore, because there is only one barrister involved instead of a solicitor and a barrister there is a consequent and significant cost saving for the client.

It may be that your case is not suitable for the direct instruction of a barrister, or that it becomes necessary to instruct a solicitor at a particular point. Should the instruction of a solicitor become necessary then we will advise you and together with our clerks you can identify and instruct an appropriately expert firm.

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Parklane Plowden welcomes enquiries from Barrister and Solicitor advocates. In addition to our regular recruitment campaigns, Parklane Plowden also welcomes enquiries from individuals seeking superb opportunities for career advancement.

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