Legal Update
Workplace Investigations.
8 June 2020

Workplace Investigations.

Internal workplace grievances, disciplinaries and investigations require careful handling. Often, it is necessary that they are undertaken externally, and we offer a dedicated team of Barristers who specialise in the provision of these services. 

We offer independence and impartiality when navigating this complex and sensitive area and can assist in both fact finding and, where appropriate, advice and guidance in conducting a robust and sound workplace investigation. Use of our team can help avoid conflict or risks to privileged advice by a businesses’ usual legal team.  

Our barristers have experience in conducting investigations ranging from whistleblowing, serious sexual assault, fraud, sporting irregularity and misconduct within public authorities.  

Each member of the team specialises in Employment law more generally and so understands the competing needs of businesses’, including time pressures, internal HR compliance, external regulatory compliance, workplace harmony and potential adverse publicity.  

Several members of the team offer instruction on a direct access basis.