1 September 2020

COMMERCIAL | Breakfast Webinars | September – October 2020, 8:15am.

Our specialist team of commercial barristers will deliver a series of breakfast seminars via zoom covering the commercial legal issues of the moment.

Property Group

30th September 2020 

Possession Proceedings Under CPR 55 - Where Are We Now? 

Bryan Patterson-Whitaker & Adam Gould will be discussing the up to date position on possession procedure as of 30.09.20.

Business & Commercial Group

7th October 2020

Agents and Fiduciaries: know who is working for you.

Bryan Patterson-Whitaker & Adam Gould discuss the principles underpinning the identification of agents and fiduciaries in the context of commercial litigation.

For more information, please email Stephen.Render@parklaneplowden.co.uk.